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From 1 November at Palazzo Zaguri From Kandinsky to Botero, All in a Strand.

Precious weaves meet the great works of the twentieth century. An unmissable exhibition, a journey through magnificent tapestries and contemporary art.

Over 100 works on display, the famous masters Kandinsky, Dalì, Miró, Casorati, Capogrossi, Andy Warhol. The colors of Matisse and Paul Klee, the timeless shapes of De Chirico, the disruptive art of Corrado Cagli and Mirko Basaldella. A great exhibition that goes beyond the painting, beyond the artist. A journey of more than a century in the ancient and noble Palazzo Zaguri.

An exhibition with large numbers: a 4-storey building and 35 exhibition halls, more than 100 works on display. A journey of more than a century through the art of the twentieth century and its protagonists.

It is here that a unique exhibition in the world comes to life, a world premiere event. An important cultural project, born from the desire to tell the adventure of art that renews itself, through design, tradition and innovation, the exhibition will present extraordinary works, created throughout the twentieth century, always moving between research and experimentation. There will be real discoveries, works presented to the public for the first time, contaminating values and suggesting a rich and lively dialogue with the presentation of works by important contemporary artists, selected to create an artistic continuity beyond material and time.

The exhibition “From Kandinsky to Botero, tutti in un filo”, therefore presents itself as a great exhibition, in which sculpture, painting and ancient and modern design will testify in full voice that Art is truly an uninterrupted thread.

(source: www.artistidelnovecento.it)