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Venice Marathon

The Venice Marathon is one of the most loved and well-known sports events in Venice, which each year attracts thousands of participants in an international competition on the Olympic distance of 42.195 km.

Established in 1986, thanks to the Venicemarathon Club, which still today manages its organization, with the intention of bringing a large athletics event to Veneto, it soon became a major international event, recognized worldwide by the IAAF.

The contribution to this important success is certainly given by the beautiful scenery of a unique route in the world, full of charm and charm. It starts in fact from Stra, in front of Villa Pisani, and following the Riviera del Brenta, with its charming villas, you get to the historic center of Venice, running on the specially constructed Ponte di Barche, to cross Piazza San Marco and finish in Riva dei Sette Martiri.

Over time, Venicemarathon has created other races and collateral events, in order to involve and excite big and children, such as 10k, a 10 km run that covers the last stretch of the Venice Marathon, or the Family Run, to involve families. In addition, the Venicemarathon Expo Village is set up, the fair of Sport and Leisure that represents the headquarters and the heart of the Venice Marathon in the days before the race.

Finally, as was the case in the first edition, a special focus on solidarity with the Venicemarathon Charity Program, whose testimonial is the olympic Alex Zanardi, who has often thrilled himself among the streets and bridges of Venice.