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Venice Carnival

The Carnival for Venice is a very ancient feast! Already in 1094 the days preceding Lent were celebrated (the term Carnevale means “carne levare“, or “remove the meat” in reference to the first day of Lent) and in 1924 the Carnival became a public holiday.

For the Venetians it was a moment of leisure, of transgression, in which one could have fun, disguising his identity with the classic masks, Pantalone, Brighella, Arlecchino, or simply with the tabarro, the black cloak, and the bauta, the black mask.

Even today, in the Venetian palaces are organized wonderful parties, rigorously masked, while in the squares are organized parades and parties, like that of Marie, in which 12 girls dressed in traditional Venetian clothes are presented to the Doge who will decree the most beautiful.

But it is in Piazza San Marco that focus the main carnival attractions, the parades with the competition of the most beautiful mask and the famous “flights“.

Every year you can admire the Flight of the Angel (once called “della Colombina“) which officially opens the festivities and in which the “Maria” of the previous year descends from the Campanile di San Marco suspended in the air, or the Flight of the Eagle, where to fall is a protagonist of the entertainment world, or even the Svolo del Leon, in which to descend from the bell tower is a large cloth depicting the Lion of San Marco, to close the festivities of the Carnival.

More information on the Venice Carnival can be found on the official website