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The fascinating history of opera through the centuries, from its origins in Italy, and in particular in Venice, to the contemporary era. Music, painting, sculpture, architecture: opera brings together different languages of art and is a multi-sensory experience. Its history is influenced by historical, social, political and economic factors, and its production goes through many phases and involves different players: patrons, impresarios, composers, singers, costume designers, set designers and, finally. the public. The exhibition will itself be a multi-sensory experience, with a long gallery of paintings, drawings, dresses, librettos, sets, and memorable premieres re-proposed in an unprecedented presentation.
It will be a tribute to Venice as the birthplace of melodrama and to Italy as the place of election for the most important names in the history of opera. In collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and with the support of Sennheiser.
From 9 April to 30 August 2020
Venezia, Palazzo Ducale – Appartamento del Doge